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产品名称:WTF-P362560C (100W)
    产 品 说 明

1.LED switching power supply using pulse width modulation (PWM) switching technology designed to ensure power supply stability and high efficiency.
2. Product interference, through the EMC testing, ripple ≤ 50MV.

3. Efficiency above 80%, temperature ≤ 25 .
4.LED switching power supply with overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection.

5. Constant current output to ensure the stability of the power, so that LED lighting effects better and live longer.
6. Products have the anti-interference ensures long-life LED lamps, reducing the LED light decline.

Model No. WTF-P362560C
Shell material Aluminum
Input Voltage AC165-265V
Output Voltage,Current 24-36V / 2560MA
Output Power 100W
Grade of water proof IP67,,IP68
Certification CE, RoHS
Working surroundings temperature -40~40
Product Size 157*64*43MM  /  185*64*43MM
Packing   20PCS/CTN   470*207*230MM
Weight  19KG
Cable material & length Electronics cable 0.75*400MM     VDE cable 0.75*400MM

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